lunedì 21 novembre 2011

New Class Called Zombie Boot Camp Will Prepare You for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Have someone on your holiday shopping list that has everything but loves adventure and the thought of the zombie apocalypse? If you answered “yes,” and you’ll be in England at some point in the next ten months, we’ve got the perfect gift.

Zombie Boot Camp promises to teach you the finer points of surviving the zombie apocalypse we all know is inevitable at this point. If all your zombie-killing know-how has come from George Romero movies and episodes of The Walking Dead, this day-long course will turn you in a zombie-killing machine in no time.

Located in Droitwitch, England, the Zombie Boot Camp is run on Friday through Sunday and usually lasts from 10:30 AM to 3 PM. Boot camp attendees will arrive at the base, where they’re greeted by real military instructors and given their load-outs for the day – including Kevlar body armor, gloves, pants, and helmet. Then comes weapons training – with an emphasis on military weaponry. Fledgling zombie killers will learn how to use pistols, rifles, and grenades. Each weapon is given forty minutes of instruction time, meaning anyone who takes the boot camp will be a certified expert at the end of the day…or something.

After instruction on how to kill zombies, students are paired into teams and tossed into a warehouse full of the undead. You’ll be able to put your new skills to the test by blasting pretend zombies in the head with your paintball weaponry, and the best part is you’ll be done saving the world in time to have an early dinner. It’s a win all around!

The program costs 59 pounds (crazy British currency…) and a group runs when there are at least eight paid attendees scheduled. The minimum age to participate is between 10 and 12 years old, depending on the child’s physical build. Participants should be able to endure strenuous physical activity (because killing zombies is hard work) and probably shouldn’t be the kind who run around screaming like a chicken with their head cut off when scary things happen.

Read more about the program and sign up here

[via UniqueDaily]

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