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Game Review Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Source: Supplied

Publisher: Activision
Genre: First person shooter
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Rating: 7.5/10

The best, and worst, thing about the Modern Warfare series is youknow exactly what you're getting. When you browse your favouritegaming store's virtual shelves pondering on a title, you're notgoing to hit upon a Modern Warfare title and go, "huh. Wonder whatthis game's all about." And yet, this has been the biggestcomplaint from seasoned gamers as they play through thesingle-player campaign of Activision's latest and greatestmodern-action-combat-shooter. "But", they cry, "this is just likethe last one!"

And, yes, well they're right. But we don't reckon that's a badthing, and in fact, in the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,it's actually pretty OK. Oh sure, there's some whining you could doabout reusing an old engine yadda yadda but come on, who are wekidding? This game looks good, plays even better and is fun ashell.

If you haven't played at least the last game in this series, youmight just want to go and pick yourself up a copy of that at thesame time; it's not like you can't just jump into this one, butplayed together you'll get a better, longer experience. The story,in case you hadn't guessed already, picks up right where MW2 leftoff: Russia and the US are in the middle of destroying each other.It's all a big misunderstanding of course, all orchestrated by anasty terrorist who goes by the name of Makarov, and for the mostpart you play a former Spetsnaz operative called Yuri. As per MW2though you jump between characters as the plot unfolds to ensureyou see as much carnage across the world as possible.

We're not going to try and tell you here that the plot's thething that holds this game together either; as more of these titlesare released it's sort of become clear that developers InfinityWard are really just playing a giant game of "let's make biggerstuff explode"; this time round you get to see Manhattan burningand the Eiffel Tower come tumbling down. Woo.

Given the engine hasn't changed and the story's pretty much thesame, there's no surprises wither when it comes to  gameplay.There's the standard "sneak around and don't attract attention"parts, the "provide covering fire" parts, the "shoot at busheswhile driving a car" parts and the "bomb stuff from the skies"parts. That's all there, and nothing much has changed, but it doesplay well. The action is well paced and beautiful to watch, itstill looks quite pretty (as pretty as it did last time, anyway),the framerate is smooth as a baby's bottom, the maps are great andit's pretty tough to beat the AI.

But that's the single player mode. It's not groundbreaking, no,but you'll be done with it in 4 hours or so anyway and you're a bitdaft if you bought this game for anything but the multiplayer.

The multiplayer has 16 brand new maps and 19 gameplay modes tounleash bloody hell on, and you're going to need them all becausethere's so much to unlock it's not funny; the progression structurein this game is insane. The more you play, the better you get andthe more you unlock. As well as unlocking new weapons, as youprogress the weapons you do have gain across a wide range ofattributes, such as improved accuracy, strength or a reduction inrecoil.

The Killstreaks you know and love from MW2 has been completelyoverhauled. So much so in fact that they're no longer calledKillstreaks, but Pointstreaks. As you achieve milestones orcomplete objectives in each map or mode your Pointstreak increases;but this time you can focus on three different areas to improve. Ifyou're having a tough time increasing your assault-basedpointstreak (because some punk keeps instagibbing your ass) you caninstead choose the Support or Specialist Pointstreak categorieswhich reward you for taking out SAM sites or helping other peoplemake kills. When you gain a Pointstreak you can choose where to useit. This really helps open the game up and allows more than justyour freakish snipers to climb the ladder and tick thoseoh-so-valuable boxes.

Several new modes have been added to the old favourites: "KillConfirmed" is pretty ace and has you running round the mapscollecting dog tags of fallen comrades and enemies and "TeamDefender" is a new kind of capture the flag which sees doublepoints per kill until you lose the flag. "Survival" mode is afantastic co-op mods for one or two players where you take on waveafter wave of enemies, and "Special Ops" is back for another tourwhich basically doubles the progression ladder and rewards you canearn across the whole game.

While there are definitely reasons to bash on MW3 and thesystemic dumbing down and recycling of content endemic throughoutthe big releases at the moment, there's a lot to like about theModern Warfare titles. This release is no different (in more waysthan one): there's a tonne of fun to be had here and if you likethe genre there's no reason why you should indulge in anothersequel.

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