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Singer Kelly Clarkson says she scares men

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Kelly Clarkson - Source: Supplied

Kelly Clarkson says she frightens men off with hersongs.

The Beautiful Disaster hitmaker believes her potential boyfriendsare "scared as hell" that she'll write a track about them, butinsists her music tends to be more about her working environmentrather than who she is dating.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "If you've got any record ofmine then I think they're a little scary for men. Sometimes they'reabout relationships with guys, but it's more about my workenvironment. I just write metaphorically speaking as if I'm in arelationship with a guy. I'd be scared as hell to date me. I'd belike, 'I don't want a song written about me'."

The 29-year-old beauty would like to find a man who is confidentaround her when she eventually settles down because she thinks guysfind her "really intimidating".

The Mr Know It All singer added: "I never know when people like me,I always find out way later. I think people are really intimidatedby me, which I find really weird because I feel like I'm prettydown to earth and inviting. But apparently that's not thecase.

"My brother says I'm really intimidating to guys, but I don't meanto be. So I need a guy who can handle that. I'm like so chilled.It's funny because all the guys that are super confident with meare like giant tools. And all the guys that you want to beconfident are insecure around me and they're the ones you want toask out.

"I'm not looking for a guy at the moment because I'm in a differentcountry every day. There's no pressure to find anybody."

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