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Game Review Disney Universe

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Disney Universe

Released by THQ/ Disney
Platform: PS3

As the Christmas rush continues, there's ever more pressure onthe dollar and from the kids to keep their gaming needssatiated.

Enter then, Disney Universe, the latest contender for your cashand their time.

As a visitor to Disney Universe, it all looks like a sweet placeto visit - Disney characters all around and general peace and loveas good ole Uncle Walt would have wanted. But the Disney universehas been invaded by bad guys and it's now upto you to save the day.You get to dress up in a costume from Disney movies and take oneach challenge. Each level is divided into three sub levels and youhave to go into each one, perform a few tasks, save a trappedvisitor and generally collect as many gold stars as you can.

And that's pretty much it to be honest.

But it's enduringly cute and relatively playable (if you can putup with the repetitive nature of some of the levels). The puzzlesare simple and with arrows telling you where to go and what to do,even the most novice of gamer can achieve something in this. Thereare also power ups available and plenty of costumes to utilise(from the likes of Monsters Inc, Wall-E, Mickey Mouse et al) sothere's always something to keep you amused. And with the chance tobuild up each costume via every level, there's certainly enoughchallenges ahead.

The only real problem of this rather cute little platformer isthat it does feel a little samey level after level; thankfully theoption of multi player competitions and some online content give ita bit of a longer shelf life but all in all, Disney Universe is arelatively sweet and simplistic game which may well keep the kids(and the big kids) amused over the upcoming Christmas break for ashort while.

Rating: 7/10

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