mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

True Love With True Lash

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Mascara wearers of the world can all agree on one thing: Successfully removing every trace of the thick black pigment from lashes—without simultaneously pulling out a few loose hairs in the process—is near impossible. We’ve been assured that losing said strays is perfectly normal and par for the course during a regular eyelash growth cycle. But we’ve always been on the hunt for something that could replenish, rather than damage, our lashes while successfully removing makeup from them. Apparently, Kate Somerville has had similar visions. Her new True Lash Lash-Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover is packed with hydrating sodium hyaluronate, green and white tea extracts to promote microcirculation and reduce puffiness, chamomile and aloe vera to smooth out fine lines, and rosehip and evening primrose extracts to add additional firmness. But the real selling point of the super-creamy formula is its patented SymLash226 Complex that actually promotes keratin production while cleansing individual hairs, so for every lash you lose, a thicker, fuller one grows in its place. Problem solved.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Somerville

Orignal From: True Love With True Lash

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